Want More Leads, More Customers, and More Profit Without The Stress of Running Your Own Ads or Writing Your Own Copy?

If so, Clicks Into Customers can help with exactly that.
Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with some boring spiel full of corporate gibberish. But if you have 3 minutes, here’s a brief rundown of who we are, what we do, and why there aren’t many agencies like us out there ...
We’re one of the UK’s leading agencies when it comes to getting businesses more (high-quality) leads.

Unlike other agencies, we don’t get wound up in technical jargon, throw around annoying buzzwords, or focus purely on metrics. We deliver real-world results, that actually translate into higher profits for every business we work with. Not just that, but we set up campaigns that don’t just bring in more customers or clients - They bring in the right customers and clients, at the right price, and ensure they stay with you long-term.

See, there are plenty of agencies out there that like to talk about impressions, or leads, or even revenue, but none of that really matters if two things aren’t happening. 1. You, as the business owner, are putting more in your own pocket every month, and - 2. You’re doing it with less stress Our goal, at Clicks Into Customers is not just to bring in a flood of unqualified leads so we can claim we’re doing our job, when really all we’re doing is creating more work for you and your team. Neither is it to bring in more business, but throw so much on your plate you start having to spend even more time, energy and resources managing your workload. That’s why we’re a bit different to most agencies.

Here’s what just a couple of our clients have to say about us:

"Some of the best leads we've had..."
Clicks Into Customers are a market leader in quality mortgage lead generation
Mortgage Advice Centre
"I was close to quitting, but thanks to CIC last year we we enrolled 391 new members"
Ellen Murray
Heatone Fitness
"I was recommended to the team at CIC by a colleague, and immediately felt comfortable that they were the agency for me.
They are helpful, responsive and most importantly, deliver great quality leads."
Lisa Price
Lisa Price Financial Services
"Great leads every single day"
"...great quality leads and great quality members who would stick with us for a long time, which was really important to us. We didn't want to just fill the business with people who are coming on board, sticking around for four weeks and then leaving"
Sukh Sidhu
Crossfit Warrington & Leigh
"The best quality"
"Out of the all the leads we receive as a firm yours are the best quality and this is why we have made the decision to invest in getting the best return out of your leads"
K Wilkinson
Access FS

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Let Me Tell You a Little About Why We’re Different …

Most agencies have a very primitive way of advertising.
They’ll encourage you to target huge audiences, run sales, and attract ‘anyone and everyone.’
We don’t.

And sure, that may mean on paper, when you look at something like total number of leads, enquiries, or website hits, we quite hit the dizzy heights others like to brag about …

But what we do goes far beyond these simple metrics, which in reality, don’t actually mean anything. We don’t just want to get more people to your website, or onto your sales pages, or booking calls with your team, or sending in enquiries -

We want these people to be ready to buy, and ready to be clients and customers FOR LIFE.
That’s why, with the vast majority of our clients, we use a multi-tiered approach to advertising:

Tier 1: Alignment:

Alignment is all about building trust with a prospect.
It’s getting them to see the value you and your company can add to their life, without you actively asking them for money yet.
We understand this goes massively against the grain, where most agencies are looking for the fastest ways to prove they’re doing their job, which inevitably means they encourage you to run some sort of sale, or discount, or they simply sell something straight off the bat.

But all too often, this either results in high refund requests, low-cost purchases that aren’t repeatable or scalable, or your sales team has to waste time dealing with people who just aren’t a good fit.

With the alignment stage however, we build a bond with a prospect, get them engaged with your brand, and eager to hear more.

We also disqualify the wrong type of people. Plenty of businesses are afraid to do this, but actively telling people who your product is for, and who it’s NOT for is absolutely essential in smart marketing.

Tier 2: Awareness

Social proof is one of the most powerful tools in marketing, and we leverage this to its full potential in tier 2.

We want the prospect to see success stories and hear about the journeys other people like them have gone through, and how you’ve helped them in their life, business, or career.

We still don’t actively ‘sell’ too hard here. Rather, we’re getting the prospect even more interested in the brand, and eager to hear more.

Tier 3: Engagement

Engagement is where we finally pull the trigger, and ask for the sale.

The beauty of only doing this at stage 3, is that you already have a huge amount of buy-in from prospects. You’ve eliminated all possible time-wasters, you can sell without having to extensively discount, and you’ve done everything in a way that sets you up to have clients and customers coming back time and time again.

This whole system is based on value and a high level of service. After all, what do you think attracts the best people?
Flash-in-the-pan sales, clickbait ads, and hard-selling … Or offering everyone who sees your marketing a lot of value, showing you care, and demonstrating that your company produces results for those it works with?

We’re happy to admit, the Clicks Into Customers way of doing things can take a little longer …
But isn’t that worth it if you’re bringing in high-quality leads instead of tyre-kickers …
If it means your ad spend is getting used wisely, meaning more profit, not just more revenue and more costs …

And if it allows you to take a step back from the day-to-day and let your high-performing campaigns run in the background, no longer having to stress over every detail of them?

Here’s a Non-Boring Rundown of Who We Are

Yep, the typical ‘About us’ section, which is usually filled with ego and bravado.
Well, let’s skip that and just give you a brief rundown on who we are and why we might be worth listening to.

Clicks Into Customers was founded by Stephen Craven ​

Stephen's background includes large agency side marketing and management. Which he became disillusioned with
In 2013 Stephen took over the marketing for 2 gyms owned by one of his good friends. Both gyms became the largest, highest charging gyms in their locations and were acquired just 3 years later.

Following that Stephen began running campaigns for various companies and brands in the fitness industry with a primary focus on gyms, studios and facilities

What our clients say

"I can trust him"
"I say this to Stephen quite a lot but at the time when he came on board and helped me with everything that I needed to do, it helped me sleep at night. It helped me sleep knowing that I could wake up and there would be leads in my inbox"
Ash Owen
Bodysculpt Body Transformations
"I can trust him"
"After trying most of the lead providers in the industry, I can honestly say CIC have, and continue to supply us with the best quality leads we’ve ever had. Highly recommended."
Simon Rushbrooke
"highly recommended."
" I reached out to CIC after seeing an ad on FB for their services. I was cautious, but after speaking with Stephen I could see they weren’t just another fly by night outfit. CIC are passionate about delivering quality and that shows in the way they work with their clients and the leads they deliver - highly recommended."
Shamus Gorton
SMG Mortgage and Protection Ltd
"No secrets, just great communication"
"Stephen had some really great ideas as to how we could go about things. He was a great sounding board for ideas that I had and how they might work in terms of advertising on Facebook. And at the end of the day he gave me a really great result that I couldn't be more pleased with"
Nick Cheadle
Nick Cheadle Fitness
"Consistent results & invaluable advice"
"Working with Stephen and his team at CIC had so many benefits to us at FFT. We got great results day after day, week after week - but we also gained a genuinely passionate, knowledgable and skilled marketing partner who would go the extra mile for us as a business."
Ollie Bell
Future Fit Training